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Monday Morning Coffee with Chris: Do THIS when you get back from a Legal Conference.

What to do when you get back from a Legal Conference?

I just returned home from a multi-day legal conference: this time the Fall Conference for the National Organization for Veterans Advocates (NOVA) in Washington, D.C.

Here's what I'll talk about in this video:

  1. My summer, aka "Briefing Season"
  2. The ONE thing you can do when you return from a Legal Conference that will set you apart from your competition.
  3. Summary of Oral Arguments before the U.S. Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims (link to the docket in Speigner) in the appeal of Speigner v. Wilkie (link to Oral Argument Audio)
  4. New Podcast: Ron Sykstus and "Next Lawyer Up" Podcast (link to Next Lawyer Up podcast on iTunes) (link to Next Lawyer Up podcast on Overcast)
  5. My NOVA presentation: "Mind Your Business: Results Don't Happen."
  6. Headspace Meditation App
  7. Jeena Cho "Anxious Lawyer"
  8. Link to Book: "Hire Slow Fire Fast" - Hiring Resource for lawyers and law firms.

Finally, my good friend Justin Knapp is running the 2018 Marine Corps Marathon this month - which also happens to be "Down Syndrome Awareness Month." He's trying to raise money for the National Down Syndrome Society - if you can, please donate to help support his amazing run for this great cause!  Click here to learn more about Justin and his run.

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