Introducing the Lawyers Coffee Crew (Episode 001)

Earlier this year, I tested an idea - what if a group of lawyers grabbed a virtual cup of coffee every Monday morning and chatted about their progress building a profitable law firm that prioritizes the attorney's well being?

Those "Monday Morning Coffee" posts and videos have been really popular.

I'm happy to announce that I'm taking the next step, and am creating a private space where attorneys can watch the video, and discuss it with each other.

The "Lawyers Coffee Crew" is a closed Facebook Group that you can join (if you are an attorney) by clicking here.

Only lawyers will be admitted, which will allow us a bit more privacy - and freedom - to talk about two of the hardest topics for attorneys to talk about:

Building a profitable law firm....and....prioritizing the attorney's well being.

In this first episode, I will share how I start my week - and how a 30 minute process every Sunday night sets me up for success every week.

I'm also going to start talking about annual planning. We'll discuss the critical question that, if you answer now, can propel your law firm to new heights in 2020.