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How to Drive Massive Revenue into your Veterans law firm

How to drive MASSIVE revenue to your Veterans law firm.

I was talking to attorney the other day, and I told her that I believe that drive and focus are the 2 biggest indicators of success for attorneys building a unique brand for their own law firm or solo law practice.

You have to have the drive to push through the nonsense that the VA throws your way...every single day.  You have to have the drive to push through and survive a 3 - 8 year cash flow cycle. 

Before you can have that drive though, you have to have focus.

All the hard work in the world without any focus, or vision, is just that: hard work.

Whether you are a fresh attorney just starting out building your new veterans law firm or  an experienced accredited VA attorney looking to enjoy your work and your law practice more, the key to success and sustainability is having a clear vision.

I know a guy who is a fireman, and he was telling me that when they need to punch out a wall in a fire, they have a setting on the hose which puts out the same amount of water just in a more focused stream. 

The water will punch through drywall everytime, and can even go through surfaces as hard as brick.

The lesson should be obvious: by focusing your energy in a clear way, your work becomes infinitely more powerful. 

And here's one bonus for the lawyer building a VA benefits law firm: having a clear vision makes a lot of decisions for you and makes your work EASIER, not harder.

A clear vision does the following for a veterans law firm:

* Tells you what clients and cases to take and not to take

* Tells you when you need to hire help and who to hire

* Tells you where and how to market

* Tells you what professional alliances and partnerships are most critical

* In my experience, drives MASSIVE revenue into your small law firm or solo practice.

In the video above, I explaining how defining your VA disability law firm's vision is a process: and give you ideas how to make it an ongoing project.

By making your vision a long-term project, you can drive sustainable success and reap all the benefits of concentrating your effort on a clear goal.

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