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Working with Purpose.

After years of exploring different fields, I’ve found purpose-driven work here, at Attig | Curran | Steel.


There are a lot of variables in the experience of “happy.” It is difficult to keep it continuous. 

Do I feel happy when my kids are following rules, playing nice, and smiling with joy when we spend time together?  Yes. 

How about minutes later when the rules are tested, an all-out war replaces the playing, and smiles turn into car-alarm type crying? 

The journey of seeing them grow, learn, and love gives me purpose.  “Happy” is the bonus.

The journey in my paralegal work here gives me purpose too.  I’m all in it for the growth, the learning, the caring about my clients, and of course, the win.

I don’t clock in and clock out.

Working is part of my fluid day. Whether I’m actively developing a case, on the phone with a client, preparing a filing, or wrapping up a statement so I can start dinner, my wheels are always turning.  I think about how to improve my clients’ experience, look for creative ways to find or build what is missing in the case, I seek the resources required to be better and to do my job well.

My favorite thing about my role is giving veterans and their families the good news.

My go to line is “Mr./Mrs./Mx. so and so, are you sitting down for this? Prepare to receive a deposit into your bank account in the amount of XYZ!”

Some giggle, some laugh, some cry. Some give a sigh of relief.  I can hear the years of frustration finally released in that exhale.

I think about those moments often.

I anticipate the next one.

The delays encountered while fighting for a client I care about angers me to no end.  The good leadership at this firm guide me to re-purpose it.  Nothing is wasted.

I love that I work for a firm that allows me the flexibility to be present with my family.

I’ve fed my baby while I read and respond to emails. I attend my kids’ doctors’ appointments in the morning and do some extra work in the evenings so that my weekends are family time instead of doctors’ appointments and errands.

Old school managers balk at this. 

Let me ask you a question though, what is it to you, if I do my work, get it done when you need it, and provide for my family?  In the old way of running an office, I request the time off, call out, or hire a sitter that would defeat the purpose of my paycheck.  I eventually draft my notice because my money is squandered in the rat race of showing up.  The worry or guilt associated with being a working mom smothers my creativity and passion in my work. 

The workforce is a hostile place for involved parents.

When I am well and can meet the needs of self and family, I see and hear my clients in 5D.

I know their end goal, and the attorney lays out the plan.  In my client’s voice, words, and c-file, I sense what they need from me during the journey to their goal.  Everything that is asked and un-asked matters.  I am open minded to anticipate questions and concerns. I desire to be available, more knowledgeable, faster, and more diligent in my work because my company also sees me, hears me, and cares about my story.

Every client's story and journey is different.

Some are distrustful after years of frustration fighting the VA. We get it. We want to earn your trust. 

Some come hurt with trauma. We will talk, or not, but we will represent you taking your terms into consideration.

Busy? Call me after 5p to develop this statement for you if you don’t mind my kids yelling in the background. Send me your evidence in a text message or let us retrieve it on our own. We are not a mill. I know my clients by voice.

When I returned from FMLA and the holidays in early January 2022 one of my clients said to me, “There aren’t a lot of employers that will do that [give 3 weeks off in December].  I am happy to be a client with you all because I know happy employees do better work.”

And to that point, I would say a resounding YES!

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After years of exploring different fields, I’ve found purpose-driven work here, at Attig | Curran | Steel.   There are a lot of variables in the experience of “happy.” It is difficult to keep it continuous.  Do I feel happy when my kids… Read More

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